Buffet Mantras is the flagship programme of Millennium Mams conducted by our mentor Mr. Bishnu Dhanuka for more than a decade now. We have members repeatedly enrolling for this programme year after year and as they say, each year they learn something new.

This programme teaches you investment based on the principles of the legendary stock-market guru Mr Warren Buffett in a very simplified and understandable manner. This is an online course which enables woman globally to access it and benefit hugely.

Course Outcomes:

  • Have complete understanding and confidence when investing in the Stock Market.
  • Apply best practices and techniques to make better stock choices knowing the advantages, disadvantages and risks involved.
  • Take charge of your own money like a pro!
This course is for women only.
  • Medium: Online cohort based course
  • Age group: 25-60 years
  • Start Date: 13th September 2023
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Time: 1 hour live Zoom every Wednesdays, 6pm-7pm
  • Cost: Rs. 6000/- (Non-refundable)
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