Saraswati Study Group

The Saraswati class is a small study group handpicked by our mentor Mr. Dhanuka . The primary focus of this group is detailed understanding and analysis of macro economics. Particular sectors are also discussed at length. These members not only get to attend AGMs, Conclaves and business summits they also share their perspectives and ask related question.


Classes on the teachings of the Bhagwat Geeta are conducted by Mr. Bishnu Dhanuka every week. For each session a shloka from the Geeta is taken up and its meaning is discussed in intricate detail. Geeta guides us on the philosophy of life and it teaches us how to go on with our life. As Mr. Dhanuka relates it to real life instances, sharing examples which seem so real, the teachings of this holy book become more attainable. Through these classes it becomes easier to understand that the Geeta has answers to all the questions. His hand-picked choice of shlokas is timed well to be most relevant with the latest happenings around the world.


This is a very special group curated by our mentor Mr Dhanuka.
Members are assigned companies or sectors for in-depth study to make sure their investment decisions are well thought and valid.
The members get to attend the AGMs, summits and conclaves to get a clearer perspective of the sectors and companies.