Online Sessions

Sanskaar classes began, in the midst of the pandemic lockdown. These classes are based on teachings from The Holy Geeta, Sister Shivani and Mr. Dhanuka’s discussion on words of wisdom from his own collection. The classes are conducted on all days of the week and last for an hour every day. The sessions are very interesting as each discussion is fresh and the message that comes through is simple, relatable and applicable to our daily lives. The learnings from each discussion are profound and leave you with a surreal feeling from within.


The Book Club at Millennium Mams’ aptly named Suryodaya was started with the purpose of all round development of our Mams’. The word Suryodaya means “rising of the sun”. Just like the Sun brings brightness and signals the dawn of a new day, the book club strives to bring on the light of knowledge into our world as our minds shine brightly with new-found awareness and information. Unlike other book clubs which discuss the nuances of writing style or takeaways from a different book in each session, in Suryodaya one book is chosen and the weekly discussion centers around one chapter. Valuable life changing lessons are imparted by Sir which helps enhance our learning.

The Buffett Club

The Buffett Club is a forum designed to teach the principles of Warren Buffett’s value investing methodology. These classes are conducted for women from all over India and are hugely popular due to the unique teaching style of our mentor. Mr. Bishnu Dhanuka who presents these principles in a very simplified manner while borrowing on the profound theories ideated by Warren Buffett. The question and answer methods further clarify and cement the teachings, that conclude every session conducted by Sir as he imparts in-depth knowledge to spread financial awareness and education.

Invest in Yourself

Millennium Mams’ has launched a new module, “Invest In Yourself” to cater to women all over India. This is an online program, spanned over six months wherein participants gain exposure to the financial world through reading the Economic Times. This helps them attain knowledge of business terminology, jargon and acumen. Financial statement analysis is an essential tool that is taught to equip participants to evaluate corporates and thereby help them make investment decisions with better preparation.

Regular Classes on Zoom

Millennium Mams’ is an organization that is remarkably adaptable and swift in action. Seeing an opportunity in the crisis brought on by the pandemic, Millennium Mams’ rapidly migrated to the online platform, seamlessly conducting the regular one year flagship program and the follow up weekly program, where all the current financial topics are discussed in intricate detail. Both our mentors conduct these classes to ensure that each of our members are well versed with the unfolding economic situation and there is no gap in their learning process. They took to this situation as an opportunity to study the unparalleled economic twists and turns in the face of the pandemic.

eAGM Classes on Zoom

Due to the current pandemic situation, the corporates have moved to conducting their Annual General Meetings on the virtual platform. Members of Millennium Mams’ are attending these AGMs to increase their understanding of the companies’ performance, their financial well-being which in turn improves the Mams understanding of the financial world.

Saraswati Classes on Zoom

The learning at Millennium Mams’ never ceases. Even in this lockdown the in-depth study group, Saraswati meets every week to research and analyze corporates and prepare for AGMs that they attend. They meet and prepare for the conclaves that are organized with speakers who attend the forums. This pre-planning and preparation enables the members to ask informed questions in these events.

Wajood on Zoom

Despite the lockdown, the actors of the theater group, Wajood got a unique opportunity to undergo training from Mr. Atul Satya Kaushik, a renowned playwright, director, producer and author. His forte being Indian mythology it was natural that the Wajood team got to play varied roles from the life of Draupadi, that led to a digital production “Monologues of Yajnaseni”. The learning curve ranged from the fundamentals of Natyashastra, Navarasas, researching & analyzing classical plays, exploring animal instincts and inner monologues as well as advanced improvisation tasks and the art of story-telling ‘Dastaan-Goi’ – and all of this while sitting in front of their laptops from the comfort of their homes! The Wajood team is now gearing up for their next digital production. The actors have truly re-defined themselves, as they believe, ‘the world is a stage…no matter what platform it’s made of’.