Investment Conclave 2022

On June 10th, 2022, Millennium Mams had its first conclave of the year. Speakers from a wide range of sectors were featured in an exceptional lineup at the Investment Conclave 2022.

Ramesh Damani, Chairman of Avenue Supermarket and a member of Bombay Stock Exchange. Mr. Sunil D’souza, CEO of Tata Consumers, Mr. Riddham Desai, MD of Morgan Stanley, and Mr. AV Dharmakrishnan, CEO of Ramco Cements were among the speakers on the programme.

Mr. Damani, who is an ardent admirer of Mr. Warren Buffett and his investing practices, presented his views on the science of investing. He made really witty and clear arguments about the goals of investments, long-term strategy, choosing the correct company, and investor mindset.

Mr. Riddham Desai focused on the history of India and made the audience aware of the imminent boom in progress. He emphasised new capex cycles, burgeoning industries, and other intriguing phenomena while also cautioning the audience about the dangers of information overload. Instead of pursuing something that is not known, be mindful of what is known was his giveaway.

The outline of the consumer sector and its anticipated future trends was provided by Mr. Sunil D’souza. It is difficult for any player to serve customers in a nation that has various tastes, diverse consumption patterns in urban and rural areas, and a growing focus on healthy consumption. It was a fascinating discussion on how brands will be developed, how distribution will advance, and how acquisitions will benefit Tata Consumers.

For Millennium Mams, Mr. Dharmakrishnan prepared a thorough presentation on the prospects and the future of the cement industry. The most disruptive phase of this country is now, when branded item tag eventually replaces the long held ‘commodity’ tag. By focusing on logistics as well as high margin premium products while resisting the sector’s cyclicality, the companies are reinventing themselves.

While detailing us about the transformation that is staring the cement business in India in the face, of Mr. Dharmakrishnan dispelled a lot of myths.

A unique sector-specific cement conclave definitely helped in a deeper understanding of the same.