Annual Day 2015

The ‘Illuminati’ Batch presents ….

The 22nd Annual Event – a day for which Millennium Mams’ waited for one full year with so much enthusiasm. The ‘illuminati’ Batch presented a spectacular show in front of Kolkata’s audience of 600 women! Out-going President, Seema Jajodia, opened the program with a moving speech following which, Yotika Sanganaria, with Rachna Prasad were inducted by Mr. Dhanuka as the new President and Vice President respectively. He gave an enlightening speech on ‘India at the Crossroad’. An insight into women’s role in ‘India’s Digital Empowerment’ was given by the eye-opening speech by Mr. Bhuwania.

This was followed by the spellbinding presentations by the members: ‘atithidevabhava’, Reimagining India, ‘I am a woman and I am aggression and a special presentation by Millennium Youth participants, ‘New world of young India’. The program concluded with scintillating dance sequences and an inspirational rendition of the song, “I am Strong am invincible I am Powerful’.