Millennium Youth

For over 15 years, Millennium Youth had been an extension of Millennium Mams’, But now since 2017, Millennium Youth has been made a permanent body that operates autonomously with its own committee and is much more than just an annual summer camp, The committee is headed by Mr. Ayush Sarda as President and Mr. Devangshi Agarwal as its Vice President.

This forum attempts to bridge the gap between formal education and practical learning and has been instrumental in shaping many lives. Millennium Youth has a multi-pronged approach with classroom sessions, group discussions, interactive sessions and debates on current issues that focus on developing entrepreneurial qualities in young minds along with encouraging leadership skills and self-development. Millennium Youth forum facilitated the rise of many budding and young entrepreneurs, We debated intensely on interesting topics like “whether one should marry a billionaire or an MBA” to “the greatest risk is taking no risk at all”. Business Presentations ort academic portals and retail chain stores developed our group and team skills, while classroom sessions like Buffett Club ensured that we were ready to take on the stock market.

Millennium Youth Camp

The five-week Summer Camp was also about our emotional strengthening as it prepared us for what lay ahead, it taught us a great deal about work ethics and nurtured our communication skills. The main takeaways were an overall change in our perception and an eagerness to take on the world.

Millennium Youth Conclave

Millennium Youth – the Youth wing of Millennium Mams’ had their first edition of Youth Conclave – the spirit of enterprise, on 22nd December which was attended by Youth members, guests and Mams’. It was a very impactful and inspiring event due to the 3 dynamic guest speakers who had graced the occasion-Miss Manogya Loiwal (Deputy Editor – Aaj Tak), Mr. Sagar Daryani (Founder of Wow-Momo) and Mr. Sharad Lunia (Founder

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